Counseling for Veterans and their Families

Why is Counseling Necessary?

In many cases when a service member returns to civilian life he/she finds that readjustment can be difficult. Effective, high-quality family, youth, individual, and group therapies focused on the unique issues of active or former service members and their loved ones can help overcome struggles with:

  • Issues of trauma and witnessing traumatic events – Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) or other trauma-related disorders as a result of experiences in the war zone
  • Grief and loss – prolonged grief over the loss of companions
  • Depression and anxiety – depression is common and suicide is becoming more prevalent
  • Illness and/or injury – many who return from combat have injuries or stress-related illnesses
  • Relationship, couple, and family problems
  • Parenting and child-rearing challenges
  • Behavioral and emotional problems in children
  • Abusive or destructive relationships